Living it up!!

Making the best of the living room space

Your living area is the place where family and friends come together and spend time. In other words, your living room speaks a lot about your personality, don’t you agree? Yes, and having a vibrant décor for the living room is just so welcoming and can literally translate into ‘feeling at home’ for anyone.

Some call it a living room, drawing room or a family room- and a living area is by far the most utilized area of a home when guests visit. The perfect place to relax, unwind and entertain. Regardless of the area of space, here are a few pointers that can really help you in making the living room comfortable and stylish.

So let’s get started…

Tip No.1

Seating it right

A living room in most homes is a room used to entertain guests or just relax. Making sure the place has ample and comfortable seating is primary to living space décor.

Choosing the furniture

The furniture options to choose from are far and many. For a bigger space, soft and cozy lounge sets are comfortable and stylish. A complete sofa set looks slightly formal but with colorful cushions thrown around, it adds life and cheer. Alternately, a sectional sofa works great for a décor that is contemporary or minimalistic.

For a smaller room, flexible and light furniture sets add space. Small chairs, rugs, ottomans look perfect in such a setup.  Another great décor idea is using foldable wooden coffee tables and chairs that add a rustic charm to the living space.

A few more pointers to consider

Is the living room space for watching movies together? Go for comfy sofas or lounges.

Is it space where friends and family get together to play board games and read books? Simple wooden chairs and tables, wall bookshelves are perfect for this setting. If playing board games around the coffee table is your style then a coffee table that’s easy to get to is great. Additionally, a coffee table with interior storage is good for putting away CD’s, books, board games and toys. . Consider hanging shelves if you have a space constraint.

Tip no.2

Make a signature wall or corner

Want a visually appealing living area? Try using a single wall or corner to host beautiful pictures and artwork. Keep the corner neat with a vintage chest of drawer or coffee table to accentuate the look.

Some of the best décor tips don’t need much of purchasing it just needs a few elements that add warmth and comfort. Like a bright yellow or orange wall that creates a vibrant look when complemented with light ceiling and lighter shades of furniture. Another great idea is to opt for wallpapers with pretty motifs.

Tip no.3

The three R’s: Restore, Renovate and Redo

The best way to give a facelift to the living room décor is to rearrange, redo and refresh art and furniture. Mix and match stuff, add in accent pieces or a new rug to give a makeover to the living room.

However, if you want a more affordable way of revamping your stuff, you could repaint the shelves, change the upholstery and it would be as good as new.

Tip no. 4


Play up with windows


Use pretty curtains and accentuate the window space with flowers vases and floral art. This adds a welcoming look and allows natural light from windows to brighten up space.


Tip no.5


Go minimal, add classic

When investing in furniture it is wise to go for classic, sturdy styles that are timeless. Some simple décor ideas that can last a lifetime are teak furniture, sofa fabrics that speak of quality and class, vintage artwork and a creative mix of colors and lighting.


Tip No.6


Do away with the unnecessary


Festival cleaning and spring cleaning is extremely important in every home. It is here we take stock of what is necessary and what is taking up unnecessary space. Try being practical as you eliminate old and excessive furniture pieces. These are just few of the simple ways where we can add style to our living room décor. Despite the use of expensive furniture or décor that is in trend, experts recommend adding your personal sense of style to the interiors of a home. Surprisingly, there are many décor ideas and unique DIY’s that can easily transform your living space into something splendid.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on these living rooms décor ideas; your guests would surely love them as much as you do!!!

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