How to Make the Most of your Space with your furniture

Office reception is where first impressions are made. It says everything about the type and grandeur of your company. It is least desirable for the reception area to be cluttered or disorganized. At Anu Furnitures, you will find modern and good quality office furniture designs which will redesign your office space.

What should be the contents of the office reception?

1. The desk

 Go for a longer desk rather than a wider one. This will give a longer and spacious look to your lobby. To maintain minimum clutter on the desk, select tables with built-in storage drawers.

2. Chairs

    Comfortable and newest designs of chairs are the perfect combo you should look for. Chairs with long and S-shaped backrest are the latest ones in the market. They not only give an elegant look but also cause minimal back-stress to the reception staff working for long working hours.
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3. Visitor seating

    Visitor seating should be such that visitors should feel relaxed and have adequate back support. You can go for sofas or simply chairs for this purpose. A side table will help serve water or beverages for the visitors. This will make clients feel refreshed if they are visiting from long distances.

4. Panel

     In order to avoid the unnecessary display of the files and papers, you will need an office wardrobe. A rack or bookshelf can also help you with the same if the file-work is less.

How can you Efficiently Re-design your office space with Anu Furnitures?

1. Affordable options

    Our Stores have a variety of options at varied prices. This will help you to choose from varieties of furniture that best suits your pocket.

2. Quality guaranteed

    We maintain a reputation of providing our customers with good quality furniture. Our decors are made from the best quality wood and 

    raw materials. Office furniture designs are no exception to it.

3. Make a smart workstation

    At Anu Furnitures we promise to make the latest and most classy furniture designs. Our designers are updated about the latest wooden décor trends and bring you unique designs.

Here are a few tips which will help Style your Reception Area :

  •  Go for Light, Fresh Colors

Choose light and fresh colors for your furniture and walls. This will not only brighten up the workspace but also give a spacious look to it.

  • Smart choice of the reception desk

The reception desk should have more length than width. This will make enough room for the standing area and visitor seating. The desk should have optimal height so that the person at reception can look and talk comfortably with the visitors.

  • Your company Logo

The reception area should display your company name and logo legibly and clearly. This will make a mark in the client’s or interviewee’s mind, right on the first visit!

  • Contrast color in your furniture

You can choose a color from the company logo as a contrast to the light colors of the decor. One or two of such contrast colors can re-freshen the entire look of the reception area.

  • Rounded corners

Rounded corners are now very much popular in furniture. They also Help in saving space. At our stores, you can get tables, chairs, and side-tables which nail such trendy details

  • Find Compact designs

Slight modifications in designs can help you save a lot of space. The reception desk can have built-in drawers along with adequate leg space. This will take care of document storage. The side-tables should be just enough for keeping a magazine stand and refreshments. An unnecessarily wide side table kills a lot of space. You can find such compact designs as Anu Furnitures.

  • Adequate lighting and air conditioning

Proper lighting will avoid strain to your eyes and prevent dullness. Sufficient air conditioning will provide for proper ventilation even if the reception area is crowded.

  • Go for some greens

It is a scientifically proven green color of leaves soothes the eyes and relaxes your mind. A plant on the desk or creeper at a wall in the reception area is a definite yes!  

With some of these tips at Anu Furnitures rediscover and restyle your office space with. Visit Our Store or order office online @ or call us @+91 9515130043 / 8688003033

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